Dr Tonya Cruikshank relaxing outdoors with her pet dog

I found Tonya whilst searching for IFS therapists in New Zealand and as soon as I read her page I knew that she was the therapist for me.

I had been working as a doctor and feeling burnt out and lost in the world with high stress, pressure and trying to cope by shutting down my feelings. Tonya was able to resonate with me on this, giving me guidance by gently unraveling the past and clearing the path.

She is warm, compassionate and open and provided me a safe space to release deep rooted emotions and help process trauma. She has helped me to understand differents parts of myself, uncovering protective roles to reveal exiled parts that I previously didn’t have the tools to access.

Her support allowed me to see these child parts with compassion and gain awareness of when they show up in my daily life from a place of the past. This clarity has shifted my perspective, giving me tools to live more presently and to treat myself with loving kindness. Tonya is truly an inspiration and I’m so grateful for her guidance.

I initially came to see Tonya because I had a rash
which I was convinced was an allergy.

Tonya opened my mind up to my rash being my body’s way of wanting to tell me something and we began working on unlocking and understanding some deep emotions that I had been doing a good job of storing away for most of my life. I honestly can’t explain how refreshing and enlightening this process was for me. What I thought were things better buried were brought to the surface and genuinely released. I feel so much lighter and I have gained an invaluable understanding of myself and learned tools and processes to help me deal with life going forward.

I am so incredibly grateful to Tonya for her time, mentorship, healing and wisdom. You are one of life’s very special people Tonya x

Tonya asks questions, she deeply listens and is able to bring all parts together.

She is not afraid to suggest and offer different opinions and will gently nudge if needs be. She uses the research, science, nutrition, testing, counselling and support all at the SAME time. With a gentle and kind approach, always.

There were a number of breakthroughs. Realising that my past traumas had not been worked through and finding space to recognise them and process them was huge.

Accessing testing and taking a thorough approach to my inner health gave me the motivation and the reason to make lifelong changes to the way that I eat. Additionally, the somatic healing (whilst not something I had done before and I was rather reluctant and skeptical) had a big impact on my inner peace.