Why Do I Consult Online?

Traditionally I have always seen people in person – the model of doctor and patient in the same room, the value of physical examination for a diagnosis, and perhaps the ease of building a relationship.

At medical school, I was taught that more than 60% of the diagnosis is in the history – ie what someone can tell me about their symptoms. What I have found in this space where I help those who are stuck, or whose bodies are reacting with allergies, inflammation or gut symptoms, is that our focus is different. Often my clients have been examined many times or had many tests. My skill is in listening and helping you connect the dots, of helping you understand how your physiology works and what supports the body to return to optimal function.

And for this, we do not need to be in the same room.

Saying that, we create the feeling of being in the same room without using fuel or your time to get to me, no need to find a parking spot and if you do feel like you need some space afterward you are not immediately having to see others or drive a car. I find it much easier to ensure we run on time to help your scheduling – no more uncertain busy doctors’ waiting rooms.

It also means I can work with you if you don’t live nearby. If you would like to connect in person, in 2023 I will be offering a number of retreat options where we can connect if that helps you. Local clients can come for a consult in person by arrangement.

I find the online space helps us stay focused on each other – fewer distractions, and you are in your safe space. You can find practitioners that suit your exact needs and style rather than simply those who consult within driving distance.

It is a relatively new idea in health and may still feel foreign. I encourage you to try. In my experience, it is perhaps one of the benefits that has come out of these last few years of lockdowns and challenges.

So I look forward to connecting with you wherever you are.